Imagine an Interactive wall display where donors share stories of hope and gratitude. Our design team considers all aspects of the environment, space, fabrication, colors, materials and finishes when creating a visually stunning interactive display that highlight your brand and enhance your message. Digital Interactive recognition wall is the perfect way to appreciate donors, customers, staff and investors.

Interactive Walls

Consider Your Interactive Wall With Unlimited Creative Potential Acid Integrations offers large-scale interactive walls with full body motion and gesture interactive experiences. Interactive wall technology delivers dynamic visual stories and content which can be projected on just about any type of surface to create fully immersive and interactive experience. We build interactive walls with custom configurations working with leading technology and audio visual providers to build exhibit quality installations. (more…)

Multi-Touch Tables

If the average adult has five million touch receptors in the skin, imagine a tool that transforms your product or service into a touch-able, interactive experience... Acid Integrations offers interactive multi-touch tables with a wide range of sizes available and custom built solutions. (more…)

Live Floors

Interactive Floors

Acid integrations have been designing and installing interactive floors from the start of our existence in 2009. With installations across North America and the Caribbean, our expertise ranges from simple interactive floors all the way up to large interactive floors solutions. Interactive floors are becoming popular in a large variety of verticals. Partnering with acid integrations ensures you get a turnkey solution with proven expertise in the multitouch and gesture-based

Video Wall Solutions

What You Need To Know About Video Wall Solutions Today's Consumers Expect a Digital Screen To Be Interactive     Experience Your Video Wall's Message Through Motion Sensing, Touch, or Mobile Device   Acid Integrations has been designing and installing video wall solutions from the start of our existence in 2009. With installations across North America and the Caribbean, our expertise ranges from a simple two screen display all the

LED Displays

LED Displays

Your custom LED display should be as unique as your brand itself. You have worked hard to create a brand and you should make sure you have a company that works just as hard on creating a stunning and visually inspiring display to match your brand. Acid Integrations offers a wide range of LED Displays both indoor and outdoor. Pixel Sizes range from 1.2mm to 10mm and larger for outdoor

Interactive Store Front

Acid Integrations takes windows displays and transforms them into dynamic displays and can't miss advertising marvels. From full interactive storefronts to simplistic static displays. Acid Integrations can do it all! Interactive Storefront can be motion sensing and gestural to grab the attention and entice participants to interact with your digital content. 3D cameras can be equipped to get users fully immersed with the digital content. Multi-Touch films and frames cab

Interactive bars

Interactive Bars

While sipping on your favorite drink enjoy the engaging interactive experience an interactive bar can offer. With gesture based tracking, 3D gestural tracking or multi-touch foils the options are endless for the type of interaction available. Integrated with either built-in high definition monitors or overhead projectors creating a stunning visually jaw dropping experience. The interactive bars can be installed across any hospitality venue as a tool to give its customers

transparent displays

Transparent Displays

Transparent LED displays are an innovative next-generation way to create an amazing and impactful campaign for retail store-fronts, buildings, and brands. These displays allow for a shop front window, atrium or a full building to be converted into a digital advertising space while allowing transparency into the building, window or atrium allowing users to know what is shown on the glass screen simultaneously. (more…)



Create A¬†Jaw Dropping Experience Using Holograms Featuring Your Products, Performances, Or People Hologram technology pushes audience's boundaries and expectations, whilst engaging them with your brand. Groundbreaking 3D holographic technology captivates your customer's imagination making it a lasting impression. Let us bring your product or brand to life with our holographic technology. (more…)