Create A Jaw Dropping Experience Using Holograms Featuring Your Products, Performances, Or People

Hologram technology pushes audience’s boundaries and expectations, whilst engaging them with your brand. Groundbreaking 3D holographic technology captivates your customer’s imagination making it a lasting impression. Let us bring your product or brand to life with our holographic technology.

Acid Integrations provides stunning holograms in a wide range of 3D holographic solutions including analog and digital static image holograms to segmented, volumetric display, and planar HUD dynamic motion video displays.

This mesmerizing technology can be utilized in a variety of applications including automotive, retail, aerospace, industrial, medical, plus more. At Acid Integrations we provide custom built turn-key holographic solutions that will surprise, empower, and capture the imaginations of your consumers.

Key 3D Holographic Technology Features:

  • • Easy To Update Content
  • • Interactive Content
  • • Data Capture And Analytics
  • • Social Media Integration
  • • Easy Setup And Portability
  • • Consumer-Generated Content
  • • Personalized And Customizable Products
  • • Multiple Venue Interactions
  • • Two-Way Telepresence
  • • Personalized Question And Answers
  • • Personalized Advertisements

Set your imagination free and let our creative and talented team do the hard work to bring your story to life. Give your brand a serious advantage over your competition in a way that creates a unique, memorable experience for your target market.

These 3D holograms are realistic as well as interactive. Your holographic display will capture and entice your audience to create an optimal experience featuring your brand. 3D hologram technology is available at scale so you can have your hologram as small or as big as you want. Hologram technology may seem larger than life but it is available now and at Acid Integrations, we can create for your brand what is in your wildest imagination.

Hologram displays will blow your mind wide open to the creative possibilities for your products available to you.

With our holographic technology, it’s possible to quantify your engagement and collect data regarding your customer interaction. It is also possible to have your audience share their experience with social media integrated right into the hologram to enhance your brand awareness.

With a hologram, it is possible to view 3D data from every conceivable angle and two present details which are simply not viewable in 2D. Utilizing a hologram for your project does not require any specialized eyewear or glasses. They can be viewed with the naked eye as 3D images will appear in midair naturally.

Hologram Technology Use Cases:

  • • Product Launches
  • • Engineering Designs
  • • Scientific Data
  • • Medical Scans And Human Anatomy
  • • Celebrity Endorsements
  • • Corporate Events
  • • Press Events
  • • Theater Productions
  • • Pure Entertainment
  • • Historical Figure Events
  • • Political Speaking Engagements
  • • Real Estate Sales
  • • Museums Exhibits
  • • Interior Decorating Displays
  • • Remote Area Emergency Assistance
  • • Architecture Exhibits And Training
  • • Space Research
  • • Automotive Displays
  • • Stadiums And Arenas
  • • 3D Mapping
  • • Fundraising Events
  • • Funerals And Eulogies
  • • Luxury Resort Presentations
  • • News Events
  • • Fashion Shows
  • • Awards Functions

How Does A Hologram Work?

A hologram is diffracted light from a physical structure into an encoded material and an image. They are seen both by projecting a laser through a hologram onto a screen or by a holographic print which has been illuminated.

A principle called interference provides the basis for holography. Two or more beams of light that are directly shone onto your recording medium capture this pattern of interference which is displayed in three dimensions.

Until now, the bandwidth, computation, and manufacturing 3D holographic images have been tremendously difficult from a technical standpoint. Holograms are essentially a two-dimensional surface that captures the interference of scattered light to produce shapes which are three dimensions.

Your hologram display can be viewed by multiple people in the field of view and based on their positioning each sees the hologram a little bit differently just like a solid three-dimensional object. Easily convert any 3D data inside a computer into a hologram!

An interactive hologram is now possible based on gestural motion sensors which allow the viewer two seemingly touch and draw using the holographic icon. Holograms are visible and bright in normal indoor lighting and they are scalable as well.

Static digital holograms are based on a 3D graphics model using a holoprinter to create the hologram illuminated in full color buy a spotlight. our Acid Integrations team can take any type of three-dimensional data to create your hologram for presenting, training, outreach, teaching, product launch and displays, plus more.

Your 3D hologram looks as if it is real, standing on a surface or floating in midair. They allow digital data and content to be more compatible with humans than ever before. Utilize an interactive hologram for presenting at trade shows, conferences, and corporate meetings. Allow remote participants to interact via holographic telepresence.

Holograms For Business

This technology can enhance design aspects, visualization, and training for corporations. They are also an immensely powerful marketing tool for creating highly memorable customer brand experiences. Imagine utilizing 3D holographic telepresence to include stakeholders at your boardroom table from around the world actively participating as if they are really there.

Using holograms in your business applications as a tremendously powerful and useful sales, training, outreach, networking, or presentation tool. Integrate motion and gesture control allowing participants to swipe or rotate three-dimensional objects. Consider voice commands integrated into your hologram for additional interactivity.

Holograms For Entertainment

Holographic technology has already been used to bring celebrities such as Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, and Frank Sinatra back to life. Imagine giving a benefit concert in multiple locations around the world simultaneously. 3D laser holograms can be touched and can also respond. Just imagine the possibilities.

The possibilities for use of holographic technology in the games, movies, video calls, and more are further along than most people think. It is no longer something available only in science fiction movies or books. Imagining using a holographic menu to order at a restaurant, or utilizing them in the office to check off your to-do list, or to go on safari and not only observe animals in three dimensions as holograms but to touch them as well.

Holograms For Military

Enhanced reconnaissance using the creation of three-dimensional holographic maps allowing soldiers to view the terrain and see around corners with three-dimensional training is a major benefit to essential military strategies.

We can take your image data and create a holographic she which viewers can look into in three dimensions while it’s portability allows for easy transportation which is useful in rescue and evacuation disaster scenarios.

Holograms For Information Storage

Holograms can provide storage for any type of data from videos to photos and documents as well. Holographic technology could potentially store tremendous amounts of data and information and provide security for the long-term. Holographic data storage is reliable because it can be reconstructed from any of its pieces unlike a DVD or CD disc a hologram stores all of its data three-dimensionally and there can be an overlap in storage space.

Holograms For Healthcare

Holography is potentially revolutionary in the medical industry as it provides a visualization tool for any doctor or surgeon training with the ability to view patient data in three dimensions. In addition, technologies such as ultrasound or Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) could display electronic data in a three-dimensional holographic full-color image.

Medical students have no need to wear specialized glasses or viewing devices and ken analyze three-dimensional data and images from any angle.

Holograms For Security And Fraud

For the reason that the nature of holograms and holography is complex, it provides a commercial security advantage. It’s quite possible you have a security-based hologram on your credit card at this very moment. This 3D image displayed which changes color as you move your card up or down and side to side is incredibly difficult to have forged.

Holograms are also used to secure banknotes that have been used to secure brand labels ensuring buyers that they are purchasing the real product and not a forged or faked version.

Holograms For Art

Holograms are being used by artists to record three-dimensional opportunities that cut and bend space, to create and combine video or images to produce three-dimensional artworks sculpted out of pure light. Holographic applications have the potential to stimulate creativity, create engaging and intellectual discussions, and in some industries as well as to save and change lives.

Holograms For Education

Education is made up of a lot of show and tell and with the use of holographic technology, you can utilize both to create powerful learning techniques made up from incredible three-dimensional graphics which come to life in your hologram.

Students of physics, medicine, engineering, architecture, interior design, and many others can utilize three-dimensional holograms to learn or analyze data and images from any angle.

Holograms For Events

Holograms are an ideal solution for showcasing products, brands, and special events, as the stunning three-dimensional graphics displayed, will wow your audience and awaken their curiosity while they learn your story in a fascinating way.

Special events such as a product launch would engage your viewers if they see your vivid hologram displayed right beside the actual physical product creating a sense of unparalleled curiosity and leaving a captivating and memorable experience likely to convert viewers into buyers.

Nowadays, traditional marketing tactics and techniques have become largely ineffective and it takes a lot more effort to gain the full attention of your target consumer. Sparking the interest of your prospects by using 3D holograms is a sure way to grab your audience’s attention and promote your product or brand and a highly captivating way.

Holograms For Funeral Occasions

Imagine a do-it-yourself eulogy created by capturing your own story with a three-dimensional hologram displayed and shared at your own funeral. This technology exists today and can help you to capture and create your legacy. Ensure your story will be passed on to future generations in your family. Make memories, your values, emotions, and story available eternally for your friends, family, or colleagues.

Holograms For Fundraising

Entice donors by allowing them to become a live holographic presence as part of your donor recognition program. Allow your donors’ heartfelt contribution to leave an interactive legacy to be felt and heard in three dimensions. Our team will utilize our vast experience to help you create a holographic production that goes beyond your expectations and helps others to learn your story and request for fundraising captivating way.

Holograms For Resorts

Imagine if you’re a luxury resort guest walking into the sitting room or hotel lobby of a yacht confronted by a three-dimensional hologram with the host sharing details of the adventure awaiting you. This experience will create instant memories along with the memorable brand experience you are very likely to share with friends, family, and colleagues.

Holograms ensurers your brand, event, or product will be remembered by your audience and goes beyond any expectations to truly capture imaginations while providing a wow factor that engages your viewers.

Key Takeaways

There are no limits in terms of shape or size of your hologram and the possibilities for use are only limited by our own creativity. An Acid Integrations hologram will make your viewers stop in their tracks and gaze in awe with awakened emotions as your branded story unfolds before them.

Holograms are a game changer in many industries and include a significance that can impact our lives daily. Our experienced team will capture the attention of your audience with our bleeding edge hologram solutions including life-size presentations, immersive telepresence, mixed reality digital displays, and more.

Have your product made available to viewers for examination with the use of holographic content. Convert your audience into customers by using a three-dimensional hologram solution that evokes sensory awareness and engaging emotions.

Bring your project to life by using 3D holographic technology that is safe, flexible, and cost-efficient while enabling a team to collaborate and share using telepresence remotely.

Combine real products with three-dimensional holograms to give your viewers a stunning visual animation attractive to any passerby pulling them in out of sheer curiosity to learn about your story, brand, or product.


Acid Integrations can provide you any size or shape of a custom-built 3D hologram that won’t strain your budget but will stand out giving you a major advantage over your competition. We provide turnkey hologram solutions so from the conception of your idea through pre to post design and production, testing, installation, and presentation you can rely on our team for a seamless experience from start to finish.

In our history, we’ve created multiple holographic solutions all of which can be configured or customized as well as updated quickly in several industries. This plug-in play hologram technology is perfect for retail settings, product launches, pop-up shops, movie theaters, concerts, and can be updated quickly making it truly immersive and versatile.

You will find the customer support that we provide to be friendly and personal right from your initial contact through to the installation and use of your hologram. Our team can help provide professional advice and options for every facet of your holographic project from lighting, to components, as well as the installation and live presentation of your three-dimensional hologram.

Present your products, services, brand, sponsorship request, Hall of Fame, or story in the most engaging and exciting way. You can depend on our talented and experienced team of designers and programmers to make certain you have the reliable and unique 3D holograms best suited to create a wow experience for the viewers of your project.

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