Interactive bars

Interactive Bars

While sipping on your favorite drink enjoy the engaging interactive experience an interactive bar can offer. With gesture based tracking, 3D gestural tracking or multi-touch foils the options are endless for the type of interaction available. Integrated with either built-in high definition monitors or overhead projectors creating a stunning visually jaw dropping experience. The interactive bars can be installed across any hospitality venue as a tool to give its customers a method to engage and interact through next-gen motion, gesture or touch.

Amaze, Entertain, & Monetize Your Customers With A Custom Multi-Touch Interactive Bar Top

Interactive bars engage guests and spark conversation in virtually unlimited ways limited only by our imaginations.

Interactive Bar Use Case Examples:

  • • Interactively write and slide a message across a bar to the person on the other side, or drawing origami art or just doodling, or creating ripples of water with your fingertips, or have butterflies or birds sitting on your hand while enjoying your favorite drink as part of your experience.


  • • Create breathtaking games, advertisements, and visual effects by using multitouch or simple body and hand motions delivered and interacted with on a computer screen interface that creates a genuine and unique jaw-dropping experience.


  • • Another great use another great use of an interactive bar would allow your visitors to learn about your wine selection and the stories of the winemakers and their vineyards while sharing their experiences on social media simultaneously.


  • • Karaoke bars can use this interactive bar technology to play games, select songs, order drinks, order food, and more from an interactive and social platform.


  • • An especially engaging feature is to utilize a real-time ticker at the bar which enables patrons to purchase drinks at different prices based on their popularity at any given moment.


  • • Feature classic arcade games, board games, console games, or simply explore the surrounding local area all from your interactive bar platform to engage guests and get them talking.


  • • You can also utilize an interactive bar for order taking allowing guests to create there own unique flavors and ingredients before purchasing their drink right from the bar. Transform your bar into an interactive platform that allows users to collaborate and create their own unique, ambient experience.


  • • Utilize video projectors fr built-in high-definition monitors to project any type to project any type of content on the surface of the bar including images, animations, videos, contextual menus, games, quizzes, polls, surveys, sports scores, all intelligently tracked using state-of-the-art technology that is super simple to use.


  • • Utilize an interactive bar with compelling content to allow guests to create their own mixology and story and then have them post on their social media network right from the bar. Interactive bars get people talking and promote a positive and collaborative atmosphere.


  • • Illuminate objects projected onto the surface or track the position of objects which can which can be interacted with using hands or fingertips on the bar surface. Any venue such as a bar, club, or restaurant, can benefit by using gesture and motion technology to engage their guests.


  • • Program your interactive bar top table to highlight the story of your exclusive or premium alcohol. Serve up information regarding customers favorite sports teams and allow them to watch games while enjoying their drinks. Enhance your customers drinking experience by utilizing advanced and interactive bar top technology to attract guests to create a valued ambiance and atmosphere.


  • • Interactive bars are excellent for celebratory events and a fantastic networking tool because they engage guests and allow them and allow them to break the ice, so to speak, while ordering drinks or commenting on stories created via the interactive bar platform.


Interactive Bar Features:

  • • Accurate Touch Points
  • • Industry-Leading Specs
  • • Advanced Design
  • • Simple Like Plug And Play
  • • User-Friendly
  • • All-In-One Multi-Touch Software
  • • Water Repellent
  • • Minimal-Glare
  • • Strengthened And Reinforced Glass
  • • Compatible For Portrait And Landscape Modes
  • • Reliable Multi-Touch Technology
  • • Anti-Reflective Anti-Scratch Tempered Glass
  • • Audio Features
  • • Square Or Rounded Bezel Option
  • • Software Updates Based On Requests And Customer Feedback
  • • Ultra High-Resolution 4K Software And Technology Development Possible
  • • Motion Capture, External Logic Integration, And Dynamic Touch Features
  • • Secured Locking PC
  • • Finish Laminate Options
  • • Split Screen Technology
  • • Led Backlight Technology
  • • Touch Screen Options
  • • Projected Capacitive Touch
  • • High Definition Display
  • • Seated And Freestanding Table Availability
  • • Wheels For Easy Movement

Instead of a standard bar use a gesture and multi-touch screen interactive bar technology platform where guests can visit and feel compelled to stick around out of curiosity or engaged by the creation of a memorable experience. The bar can be activated through gesture such as someone sitting at the bar, somebody passing by, someone approaching the bar, or simply by somebody’s fingertip used like a mouse on a computer. It’s all up to you.

Interactive bars are like an artistic canvas waiting for your creative message, story, or interactive activity. Build your brand using a cutting-edge technology with effects which stimulate and transform irregular experience into a spectacular one.

Interconnect multiple bar top tables to integrate interactive images and patterns which scroll across the connected surface to get your guests talking.

Utilize infrared sensors and tracking software to detect and mirror movements in real time on an interactive bar which doubles as a virtual canvas allowing guests to interact directly with your product, services, and brand to greatly improve brand retention and recognition while increasing overall sales.

Grab your customers attention with this one-of-a-kind interactive bar top technology custom built using totally interactive and multi-touch sensitive technology that your customers can play and experiment with all night long.


Interactive Bars Contextual Features:

  • • Three-Dimensional Carousel With Rotational View
  • • Flip Chart Displaying Individual Items
  • • Maps Displaying Geographic Location
  • • Timelines Assigned To Swipeable Dates
  • • Asset Grids Configurable In Two Dimensions
  • • Pin Boards Containing Multiple Items Which Can Be Resized, Rotated, And Moved
  • • Adding Depth Two Columns Or Single Rows
  • • Slideshows Displaying Individual Images With Pan And Zoom Effects
  • • Circular Panels Which Contain Multiple Visible Items
  • • Three-Dimensional Helixes
  • • Click And Double Click
  • • Roll Over
  • • Drag-And-Drop
  • • Multi-Touch
  • • Collaborative Screens And Screen Sharing
  • • Used With LCD TVs And Projectors
  • • High-Quality Detection

With a simple and easy with a simple and easy to use CMS, ambient multi-touch effects can be created quickly while it’s possible to upload 3d content, media, and other dynamic templates to use. Your interactive bar top surface will utilize a zero bezel design which repels water and minimizes glare which allows for its optimal use regardless of the environment and lighting.

An Acid Integrations turn-key interactive bar system will provide you with the entire solution from pre to post development, thorough testing, and a finished installation ready to use. Guests can use the bar top as a regular surface for drinks and mobile devices with the use of a strengthened and reinforced glass or acrylic heavy use and conducive surface.

Enhance your brand by displaying and promoting your company profile, contextual menus promotional information and featured events in a way that comes to life and is easy to use.

Interactive bars allow you to stay in touch with your customers much easier as with social media network integration, such as Facebook and Instagram, or Yelp and TripAdvisor, so you always have access to your customer experience in real time.

Geotagged photos are popular and often posted by customers at food and beverage based establishments while in interactive digital bar-top environment provides you an ongoing connection between management and consumers. Customers that take photos and post them on social media become your brand ambassadors automatically promoting and advertising your establishment.

Interactive Bar Touch Application Features:

  • • Trigger And Action Design Elements
  • • Mirrored Value Relationships Between Properties, Triggers, And Actions
  • • Animated Actions Including Multiple Animation Effects
  • • Gesture Triggered Actions
  • • Internalized Local Keyboards
  • • On-Screen Annotation
  • • Text To Speech Accessibility
  • • Keyboard Enabled Navigation
  • • Set Schedulers And Timers
  • • Incorporated Beacon Technology
  • • Incorporated NFC, RFID Tag Readers
  • • Interconnected Third-Party Apps, Devices, Services
  • • Live Video Feed Display
  • • Integrated Remote Actions (Internet Or Intranet)
  • • Media Sharing Capabilities
  • • Qr Code Generation
  • • Remote-Controlled Experiences
  • • Web-Based Control Panel
  • • Online And Offline Content And Content Recording
  • • Data Capture
  • • Session Management
  • • Static And Dynamic Data Point Recording Inter
  • • Light And Fast Data Transfer

Interactive Bartop POS Systems

Whether your bar is designed old style saloon, a hipster dive bar, or for the sophisticated affluent crowd, it’s important that it runs with as much efficiency as possible to enhance your guest experience, increase sales, and improve operational efficiencies.

There’s no longer a need for old-school credit card POS systems at the bar with all of the complications using the port hub and hardware terminal in the past. Using an interactive bar to program buttons to order and sell your beer, wine, or cocktail menu is possible very easily without having to get a technician to do so on your behalf.

Integrate your new digitally enhanced bar top with a loyalty program, gift cards, and many types of payment integration such as Apple Pay, Paypal, Square, and more easily, while enabling such features as pre-authorized credit cards and split payments. Interactive tabletop POS systems offer a greater time efficiency and a lower admin cost along with minimally invasive, lighter equipment for a more elegant look and feel of the overall aesthetic of the bar.

Running a bar successfully is not easy to do but by using streamlined technology it’s possible to gain an edge, serve your customers efficiently, and always be leaning towards profitability.

Sales can be monitored live, inventory and labor can be tracked in real time, security footage can be viewed easily, and the visual aesthetic of the bar including the bar top and menus can be customized and updated anytime with very little effort. Based on the event, type of crowd or party, your interactive bar top can be customized to suit the setting.

Allow your customers to make mobile orders or the bartender to expedite patio, garden, and nightclub purchases. Take advantage of an enhanced digital menu display to highlight your current drink list with varied colors, styles, and names down to the type of glassware the drink is made in.

Acid integrations interactive bars are a turnkey, custom-built, interactive solution featuring integrated hardware, custom molded basis, and accurate multi-touch sensitive bar-top surfaces. Your bar top content is easily updated from a web browser on your computer.

Interactive Bar POS Application Features:

  • • New Stock Ordering
  • • Employee Management
  • • Inventory Management
  • • Product Pricing
  • • Creating & Analyzing Sales Reports
  • • Financial Bookkeeping

An Acid Integrations interactive bars will deliver a seamless, immersive, and memorable experience for your consumers. This combination of software and hardware will transform your rig this combination of software and hardware will transform your regular bar surface into a jaw-dropping display of color and image along with it the use of gesture motion sensor motion sensor technology.

Adding this type of technology into your existing space will add a tremendously dynamic element to any business that is socially minded. From from restaurants, to hotels, two nightclubs, and every type of bar in between this creative and innovative product will attract you thousands of customers and engage them like never and engage them like never before.

By providing an amazing and unique interactive experience you will gain a powerful advantage over your competition. An interactive bar will take your digital media to new levels by allowing your guests and consumers to interact with your choice of multimedia content, games, information, for an incredibly engaging multi-sensorial audio-visual experience.

Stand out from your competition with this intriguing and leading-edge technology as a way to differentiate your brand greatly from what consumers usually expect.

Insight increased user engagement by combining immersive multi-touch and gesture interaction by combining immersive multi-touch and gesture interaction with high definition or 4k quality animations.

Guests will be drawn to their cocktail or glass of wine surrounded by sharks or flowers which bloom when the drink is sit down on the bar top. It becomes very easy to create an animated and effect driven multi-touch, multi-user, gestural and memorable experience when the story unfolding makes your consumers regular experience an incredible one all the while promoting your business and brand.

Interactive bars are awesome for any event or occasion and will certainly leave a lasting and positive impression on your consumers and guests of your brand. Showcase your latest drink menu or live event while allowing your guests to interact with your media content in an intriguing and exciting way.

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