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Acid integrations have been designing and installing interactive floors from the start of our existence in 2009. With installations across North America and the Caribbean, our expertise ranges from simple interactive floors all the way up to large interactive floors solutions. Interactive floors are becoming popular in a large variety of verticals. Partnering with acid integrations ensures you get a turnkey solution with proven expertise in the multitouch and gesture-based technology market while ensuring you are working with a creative team focusing on bringing your vision to life.

Interactive Floors

Your Interactive Floor Will Astonish And Surprise Every Time


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Interactive floors are an exciting product that combines effects, contextually displayed product, service or brand based content, and uses the element of surprise to captivate users. Interactive floor systems react in real time to send powerful messages in a unique way to enhance your brand, promote advertising, and establish your corporate identity.

Imagine walking into a seafood restaurant, for example, over shimmering water with goldfish swimming over the top of the restaurant’s logo. Watch as the water ripples, and you see fish darting away while hearing the sound of your footsteps. Other fun elements could include magical stars, fluffy clouds, blooming flowers, lightning strikes, dancing flames, footprints in the sand, neon dance floors, and more. We are only limited by our imaginations nowadays when making our floors come to life. Anything is possible with acid integrations turn-key interactive flooring designs.

It’s the perfect opportunity to use interactive floor smart technology in our daily lives.

As you take your first step onto an interactive floor into the projection space you’ll see your story come to life and change with every movement in real time. A unique projection image is created by each movement in response two people walking, kneeling, crouching, or laying down on the interactive surface. Experiences are unique as each action influences what happens in the projection. A special covering that is laminated to create a textured floor and that is wear resistant is possible as well.

The interactive floor technology is installed on the ceiling with a solid base and does not affect usage of the room to cause any inconveniences. The correct brightness of the projector is chosen based on the intensity of the natural light and can be combined to create a dual or triple projection system which increases the projection area significantly. In general, the higher the ceiling is the greater the projection.

Special requirements on the original floor such as texture, color, type, are not usually necessary because an interactive floor system enables you to have full control of the change of the effects and colors as well as to have your own custom effects created. 3D epoxy paint can be required in special circumstances when there is minimum impact clarity or color that can adversely affect the display.

Interactive Floor Advantages:


  • • Exciting To Watch And Play
  • • Fully Customizable
  • • Immersive Virtual Experience
  • • Safe And Easy To Use
  • • Highly Engaging And Informational
  • • Simple To Operate
  • • Used Independently Or In A Group
  • • Multi-Functional
  • • Robust Technology
  • • Minimal Maintenance Required
  • • Unique Interior Design Decor

Acid integrations interactive floor system can be used to advertise sponsors or promote your brand. This increases your brand equity in a practical and versatile way which optimizes the space in your facility as well. For children, having an interactive floor can be like having a playground yet it’s easier, hygienic, and safer well kids can play with others or independently. And can be used as a teaching tool in the classroom as well. The medical and scientific industry has found benefits for patients and subject by using interactive floors for fun and study too.

Interactive Floor Benefits:


  • • Increased Motor Skills
  • • Demand Attention And Create Interest
  • • Educational
  • • The Element Of Surprise
  • • Engaging, Exciting, And Fun
  • • Enriched Sensory Learning
  • • No Attendant Required

The quality of your interactive floor projection system plays a significant role in regards to the response in real time to movements of people using the floor. Low-quality systems will project lower-quality and clarity of colors and effects. A pixel value is a mechanism used to determine the quality of your interactive floor projection system. High-quality interactive floor projection systems will provide you a clear, accurate, high-resolution experience that transforms, explodes, and comes to life every time.

Interactive floor elements and effects are highly configurable while you can utilize your own videos, logos, sounds, settings, backgrounds, and more in a configuration that is very easy to use. Combine an unlimited amount of different advertisers and unique effects on to one floor for a totally new form of brand experience.

These unique systems provide an opportunity to utilize infrared sensor camera technology which captures the movement of anyone walking on the interactive surface and transform this into alive animation below their feet. It has the amazing ability to capture your audience’s attention which will help you to grow your brand or educate your audience in a unique and modern way.

Interactive floor systems are highly sophisticated yet it is extremely simple to use. Our talented and creative team will work with you in every way from content creation to branding, testing, and integration of your interactive multi-touch floor. Create interactive flooring that captures and engages your customers and patrons to create and evoke the optimal experience.

LED Floors

Interactive Floors Are Amazing For:


  • • Events And Trade Shows
  • • Conferences And Exhibitions
  • • Retail Establishments And Malls
  • • Showroom And Department Stores
  • • Restaurants
  • • Experiential Spaces And Road Shows
  • • Night Clubs And Bars
  • • Galleries And Museums
  • • Airports And Hotels
  • • Kindergartens And Play Schools
  • • Gymnasiums
  • • Flagship Stores
  • • Theme Parks
  • • Spas
  • • Waiting Areas
  • • Large Venues
  • • Health Clubs
  • • Fashion Shows
  • • Stage Lighting And Sound
  • • Special Events
  • • Weddings
  • • Casinos


Interactive projection floors are an excellent way to promote brands and new products. Imagine the appeal when walking into a store and witnessing an attractive and interactive product display on the floor below you. Interactive flooring can be extended into a totally immersive display that covers touch, sound, and site around you from every angle. Imagine the potential for the customer or guest engagement as they are taken out of there reality on both sides, on top, and blow them wherever your story leads them to go.

Floors ability for sensing per pixel pressure allows it to analyze and locate soles of your end users. Identifying users and foot postures are the two basic functions of the floor. These functions allow it to only track users if they interact explicitly, as well as track and identify end-users based on the shoes they are wearing. This enables interaction to be high precision while menus can be invoked, heads can be tracked, allowing users a high level of control and interactions while using their feet.

Acid integrations utilize the precision and interactive capabilities of a tabletop computer with high-resolution multi-touch technology. A combination of cameras and projection allows our talented designers to create highly engaging interactive floors. This powerful technology can recognize the posture of fe& and the position of individual toes while tracking head positions by analyzing weight distribution across the feet which allows floor users to be interactive while standing, kneeling, sitting, or lying down.

Other Names For Multi-Touch Floor Technology:


  • • Interactive Floor
  • • Live Floors
  • • Smart Floors
  • • Touch Floors
  • • Screen Floor
  • • Floor Projector
  • • Display Floors
  • • Led Floors
  • • Moving Floor
  • • Dynamic Carpet

Are different than ambient floors or floors in smart homes because they interact with precision intentionally which enables applications only previously possible on interactive systems which were operated with hands like desktops for tablets.

The ergonomic requirements of interactive floors are different from tables as they must carry the weight of the individual the entire time. They must also distinguish between actions which are intentional such as walking from standing. Attractive flooring input areas characteristic patterns produced by various postures such as standing, crouching, kneeling, lying down, with gravity assuring that a part of the body is measured at all times. If a user is to jump an interactive floor can measure the pressure distribution prior to takeoff to know the approximate direction of the jumping motion.

Areas that are touch insensitive enable users to contact an interactive floor with no interference. Gestures like stomping are able to be used to trigger specific actions. There are endless possibilities for users in both experience and space test without sacrificing usability. Users can you use widgets by tapping their feet to use a keyboard with use of a dead zone to maintain a rhythm and avoid tangled letter combinations. And also tap menu buttons with their foot to open a contextual menu.

High-resolution data along with analytics software it’s possible to measure product engagement and customer traffic in real time especially helpful any events such as trade shows and corporate events. This solves the traditional problem of measuring results such as how many people had entered the space and what specific interactions occurred inside the designated area along with many other data captures and analytics possibilities.

LED Floors

Interactive Floor Use Cases:


Games And Entertainment
Do you remember that famous scene from the movie Big where the toy store floor is huge and interactive allowing kids to make music? This is now not only possible but just the start as the possibilities are virtually endless. Engage your users to actively participate in a game for pure entertainment such as an underwater shark tank that captures imaginations and tells a story to enhance your brand.

Night Clubs And Bars
Interactive dance floors add an entirely new dimension to nightclubs and bars. Imagine the dance floor creating images and colors that are in sync with the beat of the music increasing in intensity to enhance the enjoyment of guests. The creativity is boundless when getting swallowed up by a black hole or watching shooting stars is just the tip of the dance floor experience.

Galleries And Museums
interactive floors are an amazing way to enhance museum exhibits or artwork as they pull the fewer in to create an engaging emotional experience. Imagine looking at a painting, sculpture, or reading about significant events in history and gaining a deeper understanding of being immersed in an interactive experience because you’re feeling you’re a part of it.

The entertainment and educational possibilities when using interactive floor systems are endless as well which infinite opportunities available only limited to our imaginations.

Interactive floors attention draw attention that is highly engaging using interactive games, applications, and advertising. Matching floor guiding you to a specific exhibition add an art gallery or museum and then displaying and story the facts and story about it. A rich technology interactive floor system will turn your unnoticed area or open floor space into a perpetual experience of action, fun, movement, and exciting information. Integrate unlimited effects, some of which are three dimensional and add to the experience.

Interactive multi-touch floors give people including children the opportunity of all backgrounds and abilities to collaborate and interact. They promote independence, creativity, imagination, and provide incredible opportunities for learning and developing social skills. These fun and interactive floors make problem-solving, risk-taking, and dealing with challenges easier and more productive enabling kids to learn with enthusiasm. They also help to improve mental health and physical health.

Tractor floor allows business owners to provide a positive perception of service and products when utilized as an advertising platform in public places or internally for organizational or administrative uses. They are terrific for celebrations, festivals, performances, events, as well as team building and training. The analytics features possible enable you to capture and view data and reports pertaining to your interactive floor usage.

Traditional advertising becomes ineffective and uninteresting compared to the rich, dynamic possibilities using multi-touch technology such as an interactive floor. These modern tools provide interactive high-resolution video graphics that will impress upon the viewer, unlike anything they have seen before. The pleasure and amazement and interactive floor can give your audience are unparalleled in its ability to grab someone’s attention and interest to present exclusive and unique opportunities and solutions for your brand.

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