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Acid Integrations takes windows displays and transforms them into dynamic displays and can’t miss advertising marvels. From full interactive storefronts to simplistic static displays. Acid Integrations can do it all! Interactive Storefront can be motion sensing and gestural to grab the attention and entice participants to interact with your digital content. 3D cameras can be equipped to get users fully immersed with the digital content. Multi-Touch films and frames cab ne used for participants to interact on a deeper level with the content and campaign.

Engage Customers By Providing Nearly Magical Experiences During The Buyer’s Journey

Interactive Storefront Features:

  • • Breathtaking Motion And Touch Generated Dynamic Effects
  • • Targeted Interactive Content
  • • Real-Time Content Changes
  • • Lifelike Interactive Shopping Window Advertising
  • • Systems Can Be Networked
  • • Support Content Playlist And Menus
  • • Customizable Effects
  • • Content Easily Updated
  • • Dynamic Customizable Content
  • • Projection Fit To Window Size
  • • 24-Hour Shopping Window Interaction
  • • Instant Gesture And Touch Reaction
  • • Easy To Use
  • • Highly Engaging And Eye-Catching

Interactive store windows will definitely catch the eye and can be used to promote a range of brands, products, and services. they can be utilized for less expensive products as well as costly goods such as cars and real estate projects. This technology appeals to younger, tech-savvy audiences that have become immune to traditional advertising and marketing mechanisms.

Hi-tech interactive storefront displays are powerful in their attraction to the traffic passing by while they can be presented using a story to create the element of drama, or in a seasonal theme all of which make an engaging first impression. Regardless of the potential customer’s native language interactive shopping windows allow your brand to interact with them personally.

The technology built into interactive storefront windows can utilize facial recognition to determine the language of the passer-by, motion sensors that react with eye and hand movement, and are highly interactive. Think of the possibilities for your customers and guests interacting with the window by touching the product featured, or choosing the product they like best, receiving product information in their own native language and entering the store with the list of products they desire to receive an exclusive discount.

Interactive store windows are not just attractive they can inspire action by creating a unique and personal experience that is highly engaging and resonates with your target audience. A whole new level of window shopping is possible when your target consumers can personalize, brows, and shop for gifts by touching the grid-like screen of your shop window.


Interactive Storefront


Interactive Storefront Use Cases:


  • •Retail Shops And Department Stores
  • •Museums
  • •Art Galleries
  • •Exhibitions
  • •Offices And Waiting Rooms
  • •Banks
  • •Real Estate Sales Offices
  • •Gastronomy
  • •Travel Agencies
  • •Cafes And Bistros
  • •Dealerships
  • •Restaurants
  • •Clinics


Think of your interactive storefront display like having a large canvas in which your consumers can paint their own experience with boundaries which are virtually endless yet there is no mess while data capture and analytics make your advertising or marketing campaign as effective as possible.

Interactive shopping windows are scalable, flexible and have a variety of functionality targeting communications and personalizing opportunities for clients and customers. This interactive technology has become more and more popular over the last few years. Trends in interactive shop windows include gamification, and nearly unlimited effects including color, type, texture, and more.

Interactive shop window effects and elements are totally configurable with control of many options such as settings, sounds, logos, backgrounds, videos, plus more all of which can be your own content. You can combine unique effects along with different apps on to a single window and create a new form of brand experience. These high definition ultra bright touch screens are highly interactive and fully customizable to suit your brand.

Interactive store windows can also utilize storefront window projection systems. This technology provides a cost-effective and dynamic multi-touch signage solution for your storefront. A rear projection video system is the main element which can be applied from the inside on any clear surface which enables your shopping window to become a highly dynamic and engaging presentation screen. Your software will run videos, graphics, animations, images, text information, and the possibilities are virtually unlimited.

Interactive shopping windows are an evolutionary form of window advertising perfect in many verticals and markets. Unlike traditional advertising, interactive shopping windows are dynamic and interactive which makes them difficult to ignore to passers-by and your intended target audience. Shop front window projection systems are highly attractive while campaigns are modified easily and as often as you like.

Acid Integrations has successfully installed a variety of interactive window advertising and all across North America and the Carribean. These integrative solutions help to increase the overall efficiency of your advertising campaigns, improve your marketing campaigns, and drive sales.

Our interactive shopping window service provides you with a turnkey solution and the total integration of all software and hardware. Our goal is to over-deliver and exceed your expectations as well as to develop a long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationship that delivers the most engaging and innovative shop window experience together with outstanding support and service for your brand.

Interactive windows will display your content in a highly impressive and engaging way 24-hours a day all year long. the interface will be user-friendly and can present dynamic effects, touch and motion generated interactivity, provide menus, as well as announcements and commercials all on autopilot for your brand.

These systems provide tremendous opportunity to promote your brand’s services, and products. Allow your interactive storefront window technology to display pricing, special offers, and targeted product information, all of which can be displayed using kinetic gesture control, and multi-touch system.

It’s possible to use an HD projection system in your storefront to display different information or products and services each day. It’s also possible to utilize games, presentations, quizzes, surveys, polls, and other interactive animations to increase engagement and interest in your brand.

Shopping window technology has been utilized not only in retail settings but in waiting rooms, receptions, for exhibitions, art galleries, museums, plus more!

Contextual Multi-Touch Features:


  • • Three-Dimensional Carousel With Rotational View
  • • Flip Chart Displaying Individual Items
  • • Maps Displaying Geographic Location
  • • Timelines Assigned To Swipeable Dates
  • • Asset Grids Configurable In Two Dimensions
  • • Pin Boards Containing Multiple Items Which Can Be Resized, Rotated, And Moved
  • • Adding Depth Two Columns Or Single Rows
  • • Slideshows Displaying Individual Images With Pan And Zoom Effects
  • • Circular Panels Which Contain Multiple Visible Items
  • • Three-Dimensional Helixes

Choose your interactive shopping window solution based on plasma or projection technology which include touch, gesture, and display techniques. Gain the attention of passers-by by using attractive and interactive images, storytelling, videos, animated graphics, for advertising and promoting campaigns and content.

You only have one chance to make a first impression. With an interactive storefront, you can convince right from the beginning while simultaneously increasing your brand’s awareness and loyalty. Allow your interactive storefront window to tell the story of your company while attracting the attention of foot traffic passing by your store.

It’s easy to make your door interactive display window stand out and catch the attention of pedestrians and targeted traffic alike. If pictures are worth thousands of words your videos are worth thousands of pictures. Keep this in mind when considering interactive shopping window display content as you have a much better opportunity to create lasting brand experiences much better than static posters and traditional advertising techniques.

The movement involved in your interactive shopping window supports the presentation of your products and services but also leads to sales. Utilize this highly effective advertising media to present a strong call to action that demands attention and empowers customers to take action.

A strong call to action in your interactive shopping display will clearly point out the benefits of your product or service to your target audience as well as create a sense of urgency. Utilize your interactive window and feature surprise promotions, QR codes for discounts, and other enticing methods to obtain walk-in traffic.

Feature positive feedback and testimonials from current customers of your shop to increase the quality of your first impression. Featured communication among customers helps to foster trust and increase brand awareness and loyalty. Customers are influenced in their buying journey by authentic customer reviews and now you can develop trust even before the consumer enters the store.

Touch Application Features:


  • • Trigger And Action Design Elements
  • • Mirrored Value Relationships Between Properties, Triggers, And Actions
  • • Animated Actions Including Multiple Animation Effects
  • • Gesture Triggered Actions
  • • Internalized Local Keyboards
  • • On-Screen Annotation
  • • Text To Speech Accessibility
  • • Keyboard Enabled Navigation
  • • Set Schedulers And Timers
  • • Incorporated Beacon Technology
  • • Incorporated NFC, RFID Tag Readers
  • • Interconnected Third-Party Apps, Devices, Services
  • • Live Video Feed Display
  • • Integrated Remote Actions (Internet Or Intranet)
  • • Media Sharing Capabilities
  • • Qr Code Generation
  • • Remote-Controlled Experiences
  • • Web-Based Control Panel
  • • Online And Offline Content And Content Recording
  • • Data Capture
  • • Session Management
  • • Static And Dynamic Data Point Recording Inter
  • • Light And Fast Data Transfer


It’s also possible to integrate your social media networks prior to the point of sale on your interactive window display. Now your customers can post from their mobile device and watch their interaction appear on your interactive shopping window display in real time. This is a great feature to be utilized in restaurants and bars for example as millions of new posts are shared in these industries every single day. Guests can also view posts of other guests food and drinks which increases trust and evokes a more authentic feeling regarding the establishment.

Digital shopping window displays are always up-to-date and flexible. You’ll find them to be far more essential in your marketing and advertising than printed placards and other forms of conventional marketing and advertising media. It’s now possible to update your marketing in real time to showcase forthcoming events on short notice or create special offers and short-term promotions in just a few clicks as opposed to the challenges and turn around of the printing process.

Digital shopping window displays are less cost-intensive then traditional advertising and marketing and will become increasingly more cost-effective over time. Interactive store window technology is now possible for even smaller stores on a limited budget and can be reused and reoptimized again and again for the benefit of the brand.


Interactive Shop


Interactive digital shopping windows and the use of gestural and multi-touch display technology together can help drive sales when combining mobile technology such as credit card, SMS payment, and PayPal, allowing customers to purchase from the window while shopping is possible 24-hours per day. Another example allows shoppers to drag, play, and explore products in their smartphones which are linked in the shopping cart of the interactive storefront window in real time as well as to make purchases.

The ability to capture customer data to utilize digital interactive storefront window technology is terrific. Data such as usage duration and most searched for products are examples while all data can be analyzed with offline sales. By using interactive shop window technology it is now possible to engage in meaningful two-way conversations with consumers rather than conventional one-way conversations that are pushed on them.

Brands and retailers can now empower consumers using an interactive storefront with the power to make informed decisions at their fingertips as well as take part in the exchange of meaningful information during the entire process of the buyer’s journey. Interactive shopping windows are two-way visual merchandising that logically combines the collaboration of visual merchandising with technology that integrates the physical and digital worlds to create a unique and engaging interactive experience for the end user or consumer.

Interactive storefront windows provide an exciting and innovative method for engaging, enticing, acquiring, and keeping customers loyal to your brand by providing nearly magical experiences during the shopping journey. Possibilities are only limited to our imaginations as the creative visual merchandiser and technology work together to provide the integration of a digital and physical retail solution that creates brand awareness as well as sells products or services.

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