Interactive Walls

Consider Your Interactive Wall With Unlimited Creative Potential

Acid Integrations offers large-scale interactive walls with full body motion and gesture interactive experiences. Interactive wall technology delivers dynamic visual stories and content which can be projected on just about any type of surface to create fully immersive and interactive experience. We build interactive walls with custom configurations working with leading technology and audio visual providers to build exhibit quality installations.

Users have control over games, advertising, special effects, all with simple body and hand gestures. Utilize this powerful motion control technology to create a unique and exciting visual display to captivate your audience in real time.

Key Interactive Wall Features:

  • • Supports Custom Shapes And Sizes
  • • Reacts To Gesture, Motion, And Touch
  • • Fully Customizable And Easy To Program
  • • Advanced Scheduler And Playlist
  • • Editable Custom Effects And Animations

Turn any vertical surface into an interactive wall projection perfect for use in arenas, public spaces, shopping malls, stadiums and arenas, educational settings, and more in a way that will mesmerize viewers of any age.

Deliver a unique message on your interactive wall and have your target market interact with your multimedia customized to engage and entertain in an exciting and intuitive way that is 100% customizable, easy to modify and update, as well as monetize.

And immersive interactive wall will capture your viewer’s imagination as it in engages and inspires with stunning effects and visual material that is proven to amaze your audience and create a memorable experience.

Convert your current wall into a dynamic and interactive multimedia brand showcase for educational purposes or increase your revenue through sponsorships or advertising. By choosing Acid Integrations you will receive a custom built and designed interactive wall turnkey solution that will create a memorable experience for every single viewer.

Your interactive wall setup will deliver a multi-sensory whole experience which blends in with your current environment and can be utilized in a purely professional capacity or entertainment purposes.

Popular Markets Using Interactive Walls:

  • • Education
  • • Shopping Malls
  • • Retail Establishments
  • • Hospitality
  • • Digital Signage
  • • Museums
  • • Real Estate
  • • Entertainment
  • • Donor Recognition
  • • Broadcast Media
  • • Gaming
  • • Airports
  • • Healthcare
  • • Military
  • • Information Technology
  • • Industrial
  • • Transportation
  • • Kids Play Areas
  • • Trade Shows And Exhibitions
  • • Roadshows
  • • Brand An Event Activations
  • • Corporate Campuses
  • • Interactive Lobbies
  • • Hotels
  • • Bars and Clubs
  • • Restaurants

Allow your clients and patrons the opportunity to embrace exciting new brand possibilities that draw them in and create awareness. Acid Integrations interactive wall touchscreen solutions utilize leading-edge multi-touch advancements which utilize the best in technological performance and precision.

For example, our interactive wall solutions can detect debris, oil, dirt and differentiate them based on the input of the user which means all applications will be suitable for areas with high-volume customer traffic. You can allow customers to engage your interactive wall with no fear of damage caused by its frequent use.

Nowadays, customers like to shop or explore a business with their hands as well as their eyes. By utilizing a multi-touch, interactive wall you can create a much more memorable and engaging experience for your prospects.

Your multi-touch interactive wall detection software allows for multiple inputs simultaneously which gives your customers and clients options as to how they can interact with the multi-touch screen and also where they can be placed in your business.

The demand for interactive wall technology is growing though by utilizing an Acid Integrations turnkey solution you can stay ahead of your competition with your technology’s durability, reliability, and performance. You will find our technology to be competitively priced with incredible value and ROI.

Interactive Wall Application Features:

  • • Trigger And Action Design Elements
  • • Mirrored Value Relationships Between Properties, Triggers, And Actions
  • • Animated Actions Including Multiple Animation Effects
  • • Gesture Triggered Actions
  • • Internalized Local Keyboards
  • • On-Screen Annotation
  • • Text To Speech Accessibility
  • • Keyboard Enabled Navigation
  • • Set Schedulers And Timers
  • • Incorporated Beacon Technology
  • • Incorporated NFC, RFID Tag Readers
  • • Interconnected Third-Party Apps, Devices, Services
  • • Live Video Feed Display
  • • Integrated Remote Actions (Internet Or Intranet)
  • • Media Sharing Capabilities
  • • Qr Code Generation
  • • Remote-Controlled Experiences
  • • Web-Based Control Panel
  • • Online And Offline Content And Content Recording
  • • Data Capture
  • • Session Management
  • • Static And Dynamic Data Point Recording Inter
  • • Light And Fast Data Transfer

The possibilities for your interactive wall are endless and only limited by our imaginations. By utilizing a powerful built-in computer together with leading-edge gesture tracking software and art sensors this compact technology will evoke powerful optimal responses from your viewers.

Interactive walls are a safe, hygienic, and entertaining method for creating an unforgettable experience in just about any space. This technology is robust, practical, as well as easy to operate, update, and maintain. It can provide a healthy way two combine physical activity with mental engagement in a learning or educational setting and will improve participation, collaboration, in an exciting and fun way.

Interactive Wall Contextual Features:

  • • Three-Dimensional Carousel With Rotational View
  • • Flip Chart Displaying Individual Items
  • • Maps Displaying Geographic Location
  • • Timelines Assigned To Swipeable Dates
  • • Asset Grids Configurable In Two Dimensions
  • • Pin Boards Containing Multiple Items Which Can Be Resized, Rotated, And Moved
  • • Adding Depth Two Columns Or Single Rows
  • • Slideshows Displaying Individual Images With Pan And Zoom Effects
  • • Circular Panels Which Contain Multiple Visible Items
  • • Three-Dimensional Helixes
  • • Click And Double Click
  • • Roll Over
  • • Drag-And-Drop
  • • Multi-Touch
  • • Collaborative Screens And Screen Sharing
  • • Used With LCD TVs And Projectors
  • • High-Quality Detection

Allow our creative, friendly, and expert team to work with you to evaluate critical technology decisions which meet the goals, needs, and objectives of your organization along with your viewers. Your experience can include providing immersive and interactive video walls for donor recognition purposes, real estate sales, retail product showcasing, corporate brand building, corporate presentation enhancement, hospitals, museums, educational settings, and more.

Let us begin by helping you to define your optimal user experience and to select or design the best, most suitable components for your project and budget while taking into consideration life-cycle costs for the hardware, creative content requirements, as well as any limitations of the current infrastructure.

Rely on our Acid Integrations interactive wall specialists to coordinate your needs and your user needs, with the appropriate technology and amazing content to ensure your success and ROI are long-term.

Based on our experience we are aware to ask all key questions related to operations to help you establish a highly efficient interactive wall management and maintenance system.

Every interactive wall project by Acid Integrations has been unique and successful while always designed with your organization and viewers in mind. Interactive wall technology can support use for simultaneous multiple users, both touchscreen, and gestural control, and deliver arrange of dynamic, user-controlled, high resolution, branded or educational content.

Interactive Wall Technology Use Cases:

Education – Interactive walls and media are perfect for any educational setting as many studies show that students learn more and learn faster when they are participating actively. Interactive walls in colleges, universities, and schools are a catalyst for developmental learning. They also help people with disabilities to continue their learning thanks to the touchscreen technology.

Any type of learning curve with the use of a touchscreen interactive wall is a terrific compliment to books while encouraging students to participate. Interactive displays and digital whiteboards allow both students and teachers to be more collaborative than ever before.

An interactive wall or digital whiteboard allows students to use fingers and pins to write intuitively as well as use their palms or erasers for erasing. There are no buttons to navigate or drop-down menus making the process more complicated while the process of learning becomes engaging and fun as well as collaborative as multiple users can enjoy this technology at once.

Medical and Healthcare – Dealing with the realities in a fast-paced environment such as a hospital with high patient loads and understaffing can be improved with the quick reaction time facilitated by an interactive wall. Interactive touch screens are a terrific method for assisting doctors, nurses, and patients in many ways such as a rehabilitation tool, medical imaging device, or a patient kiosk screen.

A medical interactive touch-screen can provide patients, doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers with any data required; from patient status to appointment details. This remarkable technology also allows for more efficient administration functionality which frees up time for professionals to care for patients.

This versatile technology could also be used for scanning equipment or testing devices such as x-ray, ultrasound, and MRI machines to relay important information and images which are used for diagnosis and treatment. Provide enhanced control and workflow to professionals in the healthcare field with multi-touch and gesture control that is intuitive and efficient rather than traditional paper check-ins and printouts.

Multi-touch and gesture assistive technology can help with cognitive and physical rehabilitative efforts because they can adapt to each particular users capabilities while engaging essential senses such as sound and sight during the process.

Interactive wall technology is robust and reliable lasting for thousands of hours of use while it can be operated in bright light and sealed in medical clinics or sterile hospital environments. This technology can ignore contaminants such as blood on pressure, shape, or size while recognizing medical tool or glove finger touch points.

Hospitality – Interactive walls provide a cost-effective way to enhance the overall customer experience in restaurants, hotels, bars, pubs, and more with a digital signage placement in lobbies and customer service areas. Create brand awareness and build loyalty by providing a memorable and engaging experience that entertains and serves customers effectively with minimal overhead and cost.

Provide your guests an attractive and easy way to access services as well as local information in order to get the most out of there stay. This technology can provide guess with concierge-like services as well as check-ins, room service, order placement, billing, and payments, plus trivia, current events, local attractions, time, weather, games, and more.

Interactive wall display technology can facilitate operational functions which typically are served to guests one at a time which helps to prevent long wait times, reduces the stress of guests and staff while enabling and improving overall productivity. Your interactive wall can be utilized 24-hours per day and will be safe from spills, food, or debris as well as accidental touches based on shape, pressure, or size eliminated.

Industrial – Think about using an interactive multi-touch wall in your industrial environment as this technology is reliable and durable – able to withstand the typical hazards found in the environment.

Your interactive wall will have a lifespan of many years, even decades, which reduces the time required when switching to new machinery while avoiding repairs that can be costly. A multi-touch screen connected to your industrial and manufacturing applications can increase automation and provide you with an interface that is easy to use and easy to learn which reduces employee training learning curves and increases overall operational efficiency.

Connect your interactive multi-touch or gesture-based technology to control robotic technology to save time, energy, and money. An Acid Integrations turnkey interactive wall will reduce the amount of moving parts while simplifying the manufacturing process.

Workers can operate this technology 24-hours per day while wearing gloves as all touch points will be accurately registered. Streaks and smudges from grease or oil and other fluids will be ignored while accidental touches based on pressure, shape, or size are eliminated.

Broadcast Media – Interactive walls allow the complex systems in this industry to be controlled much faster than conventional interfaces with the master control switch, audio mixer, and routers are all touch-enabled. Enable your broadcasters to provide seamless content for viewers in an engaging and unique way with the ability to adapt to breaking news dynamically and in real time.

Interactive displays on-site can be used by broadcasters live to relay information quickly and effectively. Analysts are able to use touch and gesture control to analyze data and illustrate trends while sports broadcasters can present and dissect highlights fast and easy. Weather specialists can report globally, nationally, or locally with transitions that are dynamic and seamless while adhering to broadcast standards.

Broadcast productions can also benefit from an interactive touch screen display wall in many daily operations such as color correction, audio and video routing, graphics insertion, audio mixing, and more. It enables broadcasters to get content live on the air faster while simplifying workflows making it easier to keep up with the demands of live broadcast Productions.

This technology is suitable for outdoor environments or a bright studio with high ambient light while it’s possible to use pain and finger inputs along with filters based on frequency, capacity, or size which eliminates accidental inputs live on-air.

Touch Games – Your interactive wall can be used for pure entertainment and fun as well. They are replacing traditional bar top gaming machines, slot machines, and other multiplayer tables such as poker, roulette, and blackjack in casinos.

Digital multi-touch and gestural technology make games highly engaging and interactive so users spend more time playing on them. Touchscreen gaming displays make playing easy and intuitive while games can be made smaller too which maximizes your floor space. Multiple players can participate in the same game and your touch screen will differentiate between the various players and their actions.

Interactive wall multi-touch and gesture-based games are spill proof, can be used 24-hours per day supporting 3D touch games, and have accidental touches eliminated based on shape, pressure, and size as well as providing palm rejection when drinks or hands touch the interactive surface.

Retail – The cost of maintaining a brick-and-mortar retail space is challenging with costs including inventory, insurance, leases, labor, and more so it’s important to capitalize on your shopping traffic. With online stores competing heavily with physical retail locations an interactive wall display featuring your products or services is one way to continue thriving in this space.

Interactive walls are accurate, responsive, fast, cost-effective, and an appealing way to create a memorable brand experience as well as attract casual shoppers with an interactive platform that is entertaining, engaging, and informative.

It’s also possible to utilize this touch POS technology to process purchases dynamically in a way that adjusts to each possible situation enabling employees cut down on long line-ups which increases customer satisfaction. From an operational point of view, it is also possible to check inventory while shoppers can share their experience on social media right from the interactive wall display.

Allow our brilliant team at Acid Integrations to create you a digital interactive wall that is incredibly fun and useful allowing guests, customers, patrons, and sponsors to fully experience your brand rather than just observe it.


Motion tracking technology in your interactive wall provides you the opportunity to create exciting and dynamic effects, animations, and collaborative experiences like never before. The real-time interactivity provided is perfect in many settings from home to office, retail spaces and shopping malls, tourist attractions, museums, and so much more.

They provide interactivity for people of all ages including children to adults all able to participate in a fully immersive experience featuring your brand. Transform your room into a holographic interactive wall just like in Star Trek, enjoy 3D movies, or display a panoramic view without the need for any windows in the room. The possibilities are virtually endless and at Acid Integrations, we are happy to provide you with a seamless, complete turnkey solution.

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