LED Displays

LED Displays

Your custom LED display should be as unique as your brand itself. You have worked hard to create a brand and you should make sure you have a company that works just as hard on creating a stunning and visually inspiring display to match your brand. Acid Integrations offers a wide range of LED Displays both indoor and outdoor. Pixel Sizes range from 1.2mm to 10mm and larger for outdoor solutions. Whether you need an indoor flexible display or an outdoor LED to wrap your building or a transparent LED display or even an interactive LED display, rest assured Acid Integrations has you covered.

At Acid Integrations, we understand that every LED display project is unique so we take pride in providing a turnkey, custom solution for every client. We work in many markets and verticals including retail, sports venues, gaming and casinos, transportation, higher education, airports, retail settings, corporate campuses, trade shows, public events, stadiums and arenas, hospitality industry, plus more.

Popular LED Display Markets:

  • • Retail
  • • Sports Venues
  • • Gaming and Casinos
  • • Transportation
  • • Higher Education
  • • Airports
  • • Retail Settings
  • • Corporate Headquarters
  • • Trade Shows
  • • Public Events
  • • Stadiums and Arenas
  • • Hospitality Industry
  • • Plus More!

Allow our talented and creative team create an unforgettable and unique experience for any floor, ceiling, or wall space which is underutilized or unused due to older display technology or static fixtures. Activate the space with an interactive and engaging LED display solution which compels partners and sponsors to donate, advertise your brand’s products and services, or simply inform consumer or simply inform consumers about your latest features and events in an engaging and entertaining way.

At Acid Integrations, we can provide you high quality LED display screens in any shape or size to fit your space. You can rely on our LED displays to give you a stunningly detailed, clear, and seamless image for your outdoor, indoor, or curved space.

Why Choose Acid Integrations For Your LED Display Project?

Professional Components – LED displays are incredibly flexible concerning the shapes and sizes potential for sharing your story or conveying the message. They can be scaled in size or be portable enabling you to use a LED display in many use-cases and a broad array of facilities and environments.

Complete Integration – Fixing Integrations supplies turnkey LED display alternatives that are sent on time fully tested and installed at your facility by our group of proven expert technicians.

Sustainability – Our LED displays screen options are rigorously analyzed and built to last in almost any environment with reduced energy consumption and very low heat to conserve energy. Acid Integrations LED display options are constantly assembled using industrial-grade elements and can be designed for use 24-hours per day and last for years to come.

Incredible Resolutions – LED screens are designed with a high-resolution display and can expand to cover the surface area meaning that you can have a far larger display area with greater resolution than a projector display.

Better Processing – Video and picture processing by use of a software on your LED display system, lets you leverage processing hardware that is stronger than individual display chips. LED display solutions display surface are more scalable than projectors and you don’t have to sacrifice quality of the picture to supply transparent, stunning high-resolution visual material.

Better Brightness – LED display screens will give you a lot better contrast ratios and more brightness than a typical front projector so they are able to be utilized in environments with overhead lighting or with windows. LED displays, specifically, have much less risk of being washed out by the surrounding ambient light and keep up a brightness that is consistent regardless of the dimensions of the screen.

Flexible Presentations – Custom applications let you have special options for building content layouts to be introduced manually or automatically. Other options consist of graphical transitions, custom labels, and much more to improve your presentation. Your LED display controller may utilize signals in different formats and resolutions from multiple computers, cable boxes, cameras, and much more, to be displayed on exactly the same LED displays screen altogether.

Dynamic Content – The LED display control will allow your content to be displayed on a single portion of the LED or multiple display areas, and also across the whole surface of the LED display screen.

Dynamic Features – The LED display controller enables you to utilize a wide assortment of content management tools that are feature-rich. It’s not hard to layer, zoom, and organize your own content. The custom-made software would let you include additional demonstration features and custom assets.

Remote Maintenance – Acid Integrations provides LED display created with optimum uptime and endurance in mind. Your project will require almost no maintenance over several years of continuous functioning yet our gifted staff is here for you to offer our friendly, professional maintenance should you need it.

LED Display Technology

LED displays will utilize blue, green, and red light emitting diodes or LED for every pixel on the screen. These are different from led-backlit LCD displays because there are virtually no limitations in the shape or size possible whereas LCD displays typically must be 16:9 in either a landscape or portrait format.

Also, LCD display projection is available as either a front projection or a rear projection both requiring rooms which are light controlled and have no sunlight directly. The rear projection will require a space defined by the size of the image on the screen behind the screen. Front projection LCD displays require a path to the screen that is unimpeded which typically means the projector must hang from the ceiling. In addition, LCD displays require replacement bulbs which can be costly as well as labor to change, recalibrate, and then realign your projectors.

You also have the option of a mosaic display or tiles which are typically multiple, large format rear projection displays joined to create one large display. These LCD display systems may look good but come with weight, thickness, gaps between each of the units, and the cost to set up the system.

Connect your viewers to an engaging message with a unique LED display and create a memorable impression for life.

LED display systems, on the other hand, remain bright even when affected by sunlight directly while they are lightweight and thin as well using smaller amounts of power relative to their size, with almost no noise and near zero heat. LED display screens can be viewed from any angle without image distortion or color shifting in the display horizon and formed into convex or concave curves to basically fit any space or shape required.

Our Acid Integrations LED display set up will amaze your viewers in any environment in a minimally invasive way whether it’s indoors or outdoors. LED screens and walls are visually captivating and attract attention easily adding the element of excitement for any occasion, event, or space.

When considering an LED wall display system typically the larger the display the greater the impact yet also the greater the cost. The image will be clearer and crisper with a higher pixel count yet the pixel count has an effect on the overall cost of the project as well. High resolution LED screens with a 4K or greater pixel count usually are not required at some viewing distances and should be considered in your overall project budget.

LED display walls and screens can be configured for color accuracy, weather resistance, and wide angle viewing. LED screens and walls which are curved make for a highly engaging display but involve complex components and mechanisms which allow tiles to become curved and this should also be considered carefully in your financial approach to the project.

LED Display Screen Use Cases:

Retail – Create a memorable experience for your retail customers and convert that experience into sales. Regular and curved digital signage LED platforms are perfect for delivering a seamless message and image that converts and captivates viewers and turns them into buyers.

Casinos and Gaming – Create a unique and highly engaging size, shape, or curvature of your massive LED screen or wall with a direct view, narrow pixel pitch display that catches the attention and informs consumers at your casino or sportsbook.

Stadiums and Arenas – Enhance your spectator experience and increase your bottom line while creating additional opportunities for advertising revenue and an overall better experience for the fans. Utilize an LED display for signage in the concourse area, courtside advertising, Hall of Fame displays, donor walls, scoreboards, and more.

Higher Education – Students expect nothing less than a complete digital experience while attending their University or college in this age of smart technology. Our LED display technology is smart and will increase and enhance student engagement and education.

Corporate LED Displays – Business faculties are an essential part of a corporate headquarters and by using corporate LED signs you will enhance the productivity of your employees while engaging visitors and clients in an innovative way.

There are several options to consider for your LED display project. Before you make a commitment, allow our talented and friendly Acid Integrations team to assist you choosing the exact right technology for your business, including the cost of design, content creation, installation, and maintenance, as well as your return on investment.

Working with Acid Integrations means you will receive a turnkey solution because we work with you every step of the way to complete your LED display system design, content creation, testing, and installation.

We help establish the needs of your project including refining and finalizing your electrical, mechanical, and any other systems required. All necessary permits are taken into consideration and construction executed seamlessly ensuring that you have made the right investment.

Choosing The Right LED Display

Choosing an LED display for your project is a very smart investment but it helps to make an informed choice as they are the front line and first impression you make to the public identifying your brand to employees or customers.

LED display signage as an industry is worth over 2 billion dollars annually and growing at approximately 15% per year. Owning this digital signage technology now gives you an advantage over paid media in that you are in control of customization and configurability only limited by your imagination.

LED, or light emitting diode, are small light bulbs different than incandescent bulbs as they do not contain any filament making them much more efficient. They have an incredible lifespan and can often last 50,000 to 100,000 hours or more which means typically 5 to 15 years.

An optimized LED display set up from Acid Integrations will create a memorable experience as the investment provides extremely good value and ROI.

Other considerations include whether you want a large format display, a curved display, or a smaller display like a digital menu. LED displays are designed to capitalize and make the best use of the space available although requirements which must be taken into consideration include shape, size, and weight.

Ambient light must also be taken into consideration, as well as the viewing distance that is expected, the noise that is present in the area, energy efficiency and usage, heat generation, and the quality of the display itself including resolution, brightness, and color. With our vast experience, you can depend on us to help you choose the most optimal LED screen display setup for ease-of-use and longevity.

If your space must take into account heat restrictions then we will consider the BTUs which will be generated. if weight is an issue consider that a 230 inch LED display could weigh more than a couple thousand pounds and that’s not including the mounting equipment or accessories.

There is a trade-off between using an LCD display and an LED display as an LCD they typically need to be optimized in the native 16:9 format and generate more BTUs of heat per hour then LED systems. A 230 inch LED display is visually stunning and can be customized to fit your exact space while emitting incredible brightness and very little heat. They also consume far less energy than LCD systems and are suitable for outdoor or indoor use with a viewing distance of just 5 to 10 feet.

The overall performance, versatility, and easy maintenance of LED display signage technology have tremendous advantages over other choices such as LCD making it the optimal choice for the needs of your organization while also being the most cost-effective option.

LED Displays As The Future of Advertising

Recall that scene in the movie The Minority Report where customized content is displayed to Tom Cruise’s character while he moves through the shopping mall. This is closer to the reality possible than ever before.

LED displays will soon provide the ability to serve contextual advertising with the ability to identify potential or actual customers as they are viewing in real time to create the most optimal engagement possible. By leveraging online ad networks and existing browsers currently, it’s possible to display content that is close to this reality.

Make your brand stand out by delivering messages that are stimulating, immersive, and highly relevant to your LED display project. And do so in real time and at the optimal time for your viewer.

Every LED screen display is an opportunity to engage your customers, patrons, sponsors, clients, and prospects in a way that is entertaining, informative, relevant, and timely.

Give your viewers the opportunity to be interactive with your LED display screen by utilizing an app such as Apple’s FaceTime combined with your customized content giving you the ability to track all interactions so advertisements can be highly optimized.

For example, give your viewer the ability to search for products and try them out digitally prior to purchasing. Enhance your LED display with augmented reality or infrared sensors allowing your consumers to be mirrored and to try on clothing without removing any of their own.

Go beyond consumers expectations with your digital display network providing an interactive and social experience to create something memorable to stand apart from your competition. Create an environment that is irresistible and create brand ambassadors who are loyal as they can truly appreciate your brand and you’re cutting edge approach.

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