Multi-Touch Tables

If the average adult has five million touch receptors in the skin, imagine a tool that transforms your product or service into a touch-able, interactive experience… Acid Integrations offers interactive multi-touch tables with a wide range of sizes available and custom built solutions.

Multitouch Tables

An Artistic Canvas Creating Interactive Engagement That Evokes An Emotional And Optimal Response

Acid Integrations designs multi-touch tables that can provide unique storytelling capabilities helping brands engage their customers and patrons with immersive experiences. If the average adult has five million touch receptors in the skin, imagine a tool that transforms your product or service into a touch-able, interactive experience… Acid Integrations offers interactive multi-touch tables with a wide range of sizes available and custom built solutions.

Multi-Touch Table Features:

  • • Sizes Range From 30 To 80 Inches
  • • Compatible For Portrait And Landscape Modes
  • • Reliable Multi-Touch Technology
  • • Anti-Reflective Anti-Scratch Tempered Glass
  • • Audio Features
  • • Square Or Rounded Bezel Option
  • • Software Updates Based On Requests And Customer Feedback
  • • Ultra High-Resolution 4k Software And Technology Development Possible
  • • Motion Capture, External Logic Integration, And Dynamic Touch Features
  • • Secured Locking PC
  • • Finish Laminate Options
  • • Split Screen Technology
  • • Led Backlight Technology
  • • Touch Screen Options
  • • Projected Capacitive Touch
  • • High Definition Display
  • • Seated And Freestanding Table Availability
  • • Wheels For Easy Movement


Our professional multi-touch table solutions are built for reliability and aesthetics that engages your audience. You can rely on our talented professional team to it to ensure that you have the proper management development of your next digital project successfully.

At Acid Integrations, we built customized interactive solutions that get people talking and draw an audience. We understand your brand has its own unique guidelines and requirements. That’s why we work with you to bring together the best resources and technology to provide you the most suitable interactive implementation.

There is no multi-touch table project too big or too small for our team. We will work with you to provide a solid content strategy that engages users and allows them to be immersed in your story.

Acid Integrations team will create your multi-sensory experience, intelligent user-driven environment, that blends the physical and digital worlds. Working with our team allows you to be as innovative and creative as possible.

That you’re multi-touch table project and interactive experience move along smoothly from start to finish. Rely on our integration and installation, as well as remote support maintenance.

Our multi-touch table development is thorough and tested rigorously ensuring that downtime and potential bugs are kept to a minimum. The acid Integrations team ensures that you have total integration including software implementation, Hardware installation, and training, as well as remote maintenance should you need it.

Multi-touch tables provide you a centerpiece for rich storytelling and digital engagement. Interactive multi-touch tables allow you to Showcase your products and services in an engaging way which captures the attention of your customers or patrons at your invite of space like never before.


Multi-touch Table


Multi-Touch Tables Benefits:

  • • Terrific Energy Efficiency With Led Backlighting
  • • Energy-Savings Of 30 To 40% On Average
  • • Around The Clock Performance Display Guarantees
  • • Enhanced Visual Impact
  • • Manageable Streamlined Designs
  • • Reduced Depth For Easy And Diverse Installation


Multi-touch tables are perfect for any occasion or environment and are often used at trade shows to showcase services and products, in galleries and showrooms to allow your users to interact with your content in an exciting way, in retail settings allowing customers to engage with your new products, and in schools and universities to provide campus alerts and information, as some common examples.

Working with Acid Integrations provides you a turnkey solution to create a compelling and powerful interactive presentation featuring your text, pictures, videos, along with customizable effects and animations.

Your multi-touch table will work under sunlight to capture your user’s actions responsibly and accurately. These interactive devices can work 24 hours a day with the industrial grade components they are built with. There are no outdoor power or cables required simply plug them in and they are ready to start working for your brand. Led multi-touch tables provide benefits to users that enhance aesthetics, performance, quality, and are a sustainable option that proves a return on investment.

Our professional expertise with hardware integration and interactive software application development provide you a unique storytelling and interactive marketing solution.

Multi-touch tables enhance communications, improve collaboration, and engage your customers, patrons, and audience much better than with traditional media. They provide an intuitive and fast interphase which greatly simplifies transactions and interactions. There is no need two already know how to use a computer as it’s now possible to simply make selections by touching the display. Saved because there is no keyboard required.

Acid integrations offer end-to-end multi-touch table solutions that help you generate ideas to improve as well as identify problem areas with your brand. We work with you to examine the structure, culture, and operations of your company or institution to have the greatest impact on the experience of your users.

Multi-Touch Table Use Cases:

  • • Reading Information And News Websites
  • • Playing Games
  • • Menu Browsing
  • • Social Media Sharing
  • • Accessing Special Offers
  • • Ordering Products And Services
  • • Loyalty Program Data Capture
  • • Business Meetings
  • • Trade Shows And Exhibition Displays
  • • Classroom Education
  • • Third-Party Advertising


We will design your custom multi-touch table hardware and software by organizing, analyzing, storyboarding, and be defining your various touch points while blueprinting and a/b testing your new service experience.

Multi-touch tables are elegant and stylish and can be easily incorporated into waiting and relaxation areas. Our superior designs will provide your guests with interaction, information, and entertainment that is spill proof, hygienic, theft resistant, and vandal resistant. Your touch screen will sit flush on the surface of the table with a stylish glass finish. Some touchscreens are designed to allow placement of drinks on the surface and are waterproof to make sure that anything spilled can be wiped away easily.

Multi-touch tables are incredible sales tools. Your stylish table can create the ultimate platform for delivering visual pitches and sales presentations. Multi-touch table technology and touch points can be designed for collaboration and groups with simultaneous users and are available to accommodate different heights to allow for optimal usability.


Kids Multi-touch Tables


Contextual Multi-Touch Tables:

  • • Three-Dimensional Carousel With Rotational View
  • • Flip Chart Displaying Individual Items
  • • Maps Displaying Geographic Location
  • • Timelines Assigned To Swipeable Dates
  • • Asset Grids Configurable In Two Dimensions
  • • Pin Boards Containing Multiple Items Which Can Be Resized, Rotated, And Moved
  • • Adding Depth Two Columns Or Single Rows
  • • Slideshows Displaying Individual Images With Pan And Zoom Effects
  • • Circular Panels Which Contain Multiple Visible Items
  • • Three-Dimensional Helixes


Interactive multi-touch tables for children are excellent in shopping centers, schools, children’s play areas, nurseries, car showrooms, kids rooms, and more. The design of your multi-touch table for children is considered with safety at all times. There are no sharp edges or access to parts making them safe for smaller children and toddlers. Children can easily play games and use apps that keep them entertained and educated.

Our multi-touch tables are robust and appropriate four areas with high traffic including showrooms and reception areas. Our responsive custom touchscreen tables are designed with a high level of attention to detail that meets your highest standards.

Interactive multi-touch tables provide a platform for customers or patrons to visually and virtually indulge in ongoing activities that engage the viewers with activities, events, and information regarding your brand. Multi-touch surface development creates opportunities for collaborative and interactive learning, information gathering, and entertainment that can be networked promoting more equitable participation, task-focused conversation while leveraging capabilities for interaction between simultaneous users and groups.

How Multitouch Table Technology Works

The latest multi-touch screen technology can respond to the pressure of numerous fingers and motion. An acrylic screen on the surface facing the viewer sends images through a projector. When objects such as a stylist or fingers are touching the surface of the acrylic sheet by LEDs shines an infrared light which scanners back to the sensors from the fingers. The data is interpreted by software as finger movements while tapping the fingers on the screen brings up command menus.

LEDs bounce light through an acrylic sheet to create a signal and no light escapes. But light will scatter if a finger has been placed against the face towards the sensors is flexed when pressed lightly or firmly making the signal from the finger making the signal from the fingertip appeared to be slightly dimmer or brighter which the software can interpret as being more or less pressure.

A multi-touch table projector inside sends imagery through the acrylic she& upwards and LEDs shine a light that is near infrared up words as well reflecting off fingers or objects such as a stylus while the computer monitors and tracks finger motions that are reflected.

Multi-touch screen technology enables the user to interact with the device in a direct way with no keyboard, no cameras, no mouse, just by touching the finger to the screen. If a selection must be made you can simply push a button. Your content will be automatically responsive to swipe, pinch, tap, and other touchscreen gestures. It’s intuitive and easy.

Touch Application Features:

  • • Trigger And Action Design Elements
  • • Mirrored Value Relationships Between Properties, Triggers, And Actions
  • • Animated Actions Including Multiple Animation Effects
  • • Gesture Triggered Actions
  • • Internalized Local Keyboards
  • • On-Screen Annotation
  • • Text To Speech Accessibility
  • • Keyboard Enabled Navigation
  • • Set Schedulers And Timers
  • • Incorporated Beacon Technology
  • • Incorporated Nfc, Rfid Tag Readers
  • • Interconnected Third-Party Apps, Devices, Services
  • • Live Video Feed Display
  • • Integrated Remote Actions (Internet Or Intranet)
  • • Media Sharing Capabilities
  • • Qr Code Generation
  • • Remote-Controlled Experiences
  • • Web-Based Control Panel
  • • Online And Offline Content And Content Recording
  • • Data Capture
  • • Session Management
  • • Static And Dynamic Data Point Recording Inter
  • • Light And Fast Data Transfer

Multi-touch is a significant and powerful tool for opening up end-user interactions with virtually unlimited possibilities. Touch screen technology’s present continues to increase and it’s now a large part of our daily lives at work, for leisure, and at home. Multi-touch tables are becoming popular and accepted in commercial applications with usage driven by tablets and smartphones.

The combination of elements and gestures it’s more and more present in daily life. Integrating multi-touch tables with interactive application and interfaces enables higher engagement by your end users for your brand. Multitouch interface development depends directly on the hardware involved to program the user interaction and elements for capturing the displayed visual information while recognizing pressure, comfort, and the natural oil produced by human hands touching the screen.

A multi-touch screen experience allows our developers and designers to model and interface as it would exist in real life. Multi-touch devices such as multi-touch tables take advantage of real-life metaphors because you can do it on a touchscreen if you can manipulate it in real life. Common features as examples include dashboards, dials, steering wheels, books, and planners.

Multi-touch screen technology can resolve user problems because any interface can be recreated which allows designers possibilities for designing apps to simulate an actual real-life experience. Users have the ability to interact with touch-screen tables and not just making it do something which can be highly engaging, entertaining, and educational.


This elegant and simple technology simulates interactions we are already used to by using our hands directly. Our designers will work with you will work with you to create an optimal experience for your end user. At Acid Integrations, we will provide you a turnkey multi-touch table solution to create an amazing interactive experience. We are only limited by our imaginations and we will work together with you to create an optimal, dynamic, memorable, effective experience based on your storyboards and layouts using your videos, images, websites, 3d models, audio, HTML iframes, maps, flash animation, plus more. Utilize analytics to collect and analyze data from your interactive experience for marketing or data warehousing.

Multi-touch tables allow you to create responsive and interactive content within an experiential context. Your level of interactivity and customize your appearance which ensures that you have control over all aspects of the end users experience. Allow our team at Acid Integrations to provide you with a total and highly engaging interactive multi-touch table experience today.

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