transparent displays

Transparent Displays

Transparent LED displays are an innovative next-generation way to create an amazing and impactful campaign for retail store-fronts, buildings, and brands. These displays allow for a shop front window, atrium or a full building to be converted into a digital advertising space while allowing transparency into the building, window or atrium allowing users to know what is shown on the glass screen simultaneously.

How Do Transparent Display Technologies Work?

OLED, LED, and LCD are three main transparent display technologies available. The visual appearance between the absorptive nature of LCD versus the emissive nature of OLED is quite different. Patterns of colors and shading are imposed on LCD systems while an image pattern that glows on the background is utilized by OLED systems.

LED transparent displays produce their own light but LCD transparent displays utilize ambient light which is modulated while both have been commercially available for a few years. See-through displays made up of LCD technology are typically designed with an enhanced transmission efficiency though the main limitation is that the polarizing filters are inherently limited.

OLED transparent display pixels are made up from for subpixels using a blue, green, and red combination with a clear section remaining which is transparent. The direct relationship between transparency and resolution means that with more active color pixels there’s less room for clear pixels to create transparency and vice versa.

In a dark room, a transparent display will typically appear to be opaque while a room filled with light or a heavy backlighting will appear more transparently.

OLED technology is generally very clear enabling users to read text or find details on physical objects located behind the display. Objects that are located several meters behind and OLED transparent display are usually viewable as well.

Transparent OLED screen technology utilizes programmed LEDs which work together to mapped, display pixels of color that are relevant to create a stunning image and present a highly effective option to large format LED display screens.

The incredible color performance of transparent OLED technology is one of the best reasons to choose this technology over transparent LCD displays. While LCD technology can typically achieve approximately a 72% NTSC color space, OLED technology is able to achieve better than 100%.

Deliver stunning 4K or HD screen resolution just like a regular display but through a clear screen but through a clear screen. The difference being black pixels are opaque while white pixels show up as fully transparent. And the range of RGB colors between black and white remain semi-transparent.

This technology has been around for a while it is not only until recently that it has been incorporated into consumer products such as display screens and televisions. Technically challenging and costly technology in the past it is now much more viable and commercially available for a number of application uses.

Key Transparent Display Applications:

  • • Cell Phones
  • • Tablets
  • • Notebooks
  • • Laptops
  • • Helmets
  • • Watches
  • • Glasses
  • • Vending Machines
  • • Display Cases
  • • Store Windows
  • • Advertising Displays
  • • Appliances
  • • Video Games
  • • Casino Games
  • • Museum Exhibits
  • • Military Applications
  • • Visitor Attractions
  • • POS Displays
  • • Trade Shows
  • • Display Furniture
  • • Interactive Booths
  • • Kitchen Appliances
  • • Hospitality Attractions
  • • Healthcare Applications
  • • Government Applications

Transparent Display Use Cases:

Retail – Transparent display technology can be used in shopping windows as an overlay of the physical product with video, product information, special deals, prices, and more displayed on the screen. Showcase featured products, special events, product launches, and more by integrating physical products displayed behind a dynamic, interactive transparent display. Create a showcase that is both interactive and personalized to differentiate your customer experience from the competition. Enable your consumers to see your products or items virtually in a customized yet stunningly realistic perspective.

Stage Events – Event producers and stage designers can create more effectively while using a visual effect similar to a hologram to create an experience that is much more immersive to the audience.

Augmented Reality – Imagine using Google Street View in real time with the street name overlaid on top of the screen simultaneously. It could also be utilized in a smartphone application which allowed the camera to point the application at a sign in an unknown language to the user and then to display the message in the known language.

Science And Medical – The science and medical industries can utilize a physical model together with transparent display together with multi-touch technology overlaid to display data and research for analysis and interaction on top of the model.

Restaurants – Utilize a virtual waitress and have your guests order food showing behind the glass screen using interactive multi-touch transparent display technology.

Fashion – Showcase your latest designs and outfits worn by celebrities or have your customers try on outfits virtually before entering your store or making a purchase.

Trade Shows – Entice your visitors with a custom built trade show stand that acts as an interactive information portal as well as a retail shop to make your brand stand apart from the competition and further engage prospects.

Art Galleries And Museums – Create futuristic art exhibitions with the use of see-through transparent display technology to present the history of the artist, or the story behind the exhibit and artifacts, allowing viewers to interact and share on social media in real time.

Automotive Industry – Utilize a transparent display screen to present new automotive technology or the history of the company. Potentially integrate this technology into dashboards and windshields of the vehicles themselves as well.

Military – Integrate transparent display technology on to screens together with multi-touch technology to increase efficiency and analysis of strategies and tactical scenarios.

Education – Combine translucent display technology together with physical learning models creating a highly engaging interconnection between the two which enhances the enjoyment and rate of learning.

Transparent Displays – The Future Of Retail Merchandising

Your product launch or display will never be the same again when your physical product is overlaid with a transparent screen your prospects can see-through and interact with personally or on social media in real time.

Transparent displays integrated with multi-touch or motion controlled technology are the future of merchandising.

Transparent OLED screens are really versatile with functional applications such as unveiling or encasing merchandise in a shop window, vending machine, kitchen appliance, display furniture, at a special event, trade show display, or product launch.

Combine stunning visual images, animations, video, text information, with multitouch controls and interactivity to create a merchandising effect that makes your audience’s jaws drop. Engage and compel your audience by bringing highly innovative technologies such as multi-touch and transparent display together to create a leading edge merchandising display that is immersive and memorable.

Transparent display OLED screens are useful for informing, advertising, and reinforcing your brand, perfect for indoor displays without having to block the view or light on both sides to create unparalleled creative options that were not possible previously on older LED or LCD screens.

Digital see-through display technology market growth is exploding and will soon be available even to home consumers bringing what was once futuristic science-fiction into our everyday lives.

See-through display or transparent display technology allows you to see what is displayed on the glass screen and beyond it to simultaneously. Yet, see-through displays will also become more common on laptops, tablets, cell phones, and other devices because the appearance is appealing for applications using augmented reality.

This multibillion-dollar transparent display screen market is becoming more commercially viable and will provide incredible value and return on investment while currently allowing you to have the edge over your competition.

Transparent screens are a useful technology in many markets because they can satisfy various requirements previously unavailable using other technologies. With the use of transparent sensors and nanoparticles in an electric circuit, transparent displays can be manufactured for many applications including wearables, mobile devices, applications related to building, military, retail, automotive, and more.

Our talented team at Acid Integrations will help you create a transparent display that is innovative and unique. Our turnkey solutions will integrate your physical products and media content in a way that your competition cannot match.

Transparent display technology can also be integrated with gestural and motion-controlled or multi-touch technology to make your project truly immersive and engaging. Your audience will rave and marvel at your brand’s forward-thinking creating a memorable experience that will be shared.

Wow your audience by integrating infrared multi-touch frames into your transparent displays which allows your presenters or viewers to be interactive and you will certainly entertain, engage, and attract an audience like never before.

Interactive and dynamic see-through display technology provides a breakthrough opportunity to promote your brand’s events, services, or products using a frameless glass design that has no need for enclosure or a backlight.

Transparent touch screens allow for unparalleled creativity and make for a jaw-dropping experience when combined with interactive multi-touch or motion control technology.

The brightness characteristics of OLED technology along with the vivid, vibrant colors make for a transparent display that is way brighter then you could possibly expect, so much so it’s eye-popping to your viewers.

Transparent displays are versatile and practical. They are right, efficient, thin, and operate with a simple button to turn them on or off allowing you to change between opaque and transparent instantly.

Transparent Display Features:

  • • Maximum Transparency
  • • Bright And Vibrant Colors
  • • Wide Viewing Angles
  • • High Speed Response Rates
  • • Low Power Consumption
  • • High Transmittance
  • • High Contrast Ratio
  • • Lightweight
  • • High Readability
  • • Agile And Flexible Designs
  • • Outstanding Durability And Resilience
  • • Scalable Panel Video Walls
  • • Portrait And Landscape Modes
  • • Custom Mounting And Sizes
  • • 4K and HD Resolutions
  • • IR Frame Technology Integration
  • • Embedded and adjustable Audio
  • • Android, HDMI, USB Integration
  • • Continuous Content Playback
  • • Indoor And Outdoor Suitability

At Acid Integrations, we can custom build you a subframe based on your current infrastructure. Transparent displays can utilize a customized controller to deliver content in various pixel pitches to give you vibrant, rich presentations tailored to the objective of your location and campaign. See-through display technology can be installed on the sides of buildings because it is lightweight and robust as well as behind the existing glass of any display case.

There’s no need to worry about blocking out natural sunlight from the windows as digital content in your OLED transparent displays are bright and sharp enough to be viewed at any angle and in many types of light.

Digital transparent displays OLED technology presents awesome new possibilities for optimizing the visual interactions of your audience. transparent displays when integrated with multi-touch and motion control technology combine for a stunningly dynamic and highly engaging experience for anyone fortunate enough to view it.

Transparent Display Multitouch Application Integration Features:

  • • Trigger And Action Design Elements
  • • Mirrored Value Relationships Between Properties, Triggers, And Actions
  • • Animated Actions Including Multiple Animation Effects
  • • Gesture Triggered Actions
  • • Internalized Local Keyboards
  • • On-Screen Annotation
  • • Text To Speech Accessibility
  • • Keyboard Enabled Navigation
  • • Set Schedulers And Timers
  • • Incorporated Beacon Technology
  • • Incorporated NFC, RFID Tag Readers
  • • Interconnected Third-Party Apps, Devices, Services
  • • Live Video Feed Display
  • • Integrated Remote Actions (Internet Or Intranet)
  • • Media Sharing Capabilities
  • • Qr Code Generation
  • • Remote-Controlled Experiences
  • • Web-Based Control Panel
  • • Online And Offline Content And Content Recording
  • • Data Capture
  • • Session Management
  • • Static And Dynamic Data Point Recording Inter
  • • Light And Fast Data Transfer

Why Choose Acid Integrations For Transparent Displays?

Increase your market presence and brand awareness with an Acid Integrations transparent OLED display project custom built for your guests, patrons, sponsors, clients, or consumers. This revolutionary technology is something we have been working with for several years so you can rely on us to provide you with a seamless experience. Allow are talented and technical teams to help you every step of the way through your project from pre-planning, through design and content development, to the complete testing and integration of your transparent display into your existing infrastructure successfully.

Transparent display components and effects are highly configurable and it is possible to use your personal logos, videos, sounds, settings, backgrounds, and even more all in a configuration that is extremely simple to use. Blend unique advertisers and unique products information into one display for an entirely new kind of new consumer adventure.

Acid Integrations provides turnkey OLED display choices which are on time, fully tested, and set up in your location by our group of recognized specialist technicians. Transparent displays may be scaled allowing you to use an OLED screen in many use-cases plus in a broad selection of fixtures and environments.

Our OLED displays screen choices are rigorously analyzed and constructed to last in almost any environment with a low electricity consumption and very low heat to conserve energy. Acid Integrations OLED display options are assembled using industrial-grade elements and may be utilized 24-hours per day and continue to do so for several years to come. Create an environment that’s irresistible and produce new brand or product ambassadors who are loyal because they can appreciate your cutting-edge approach.

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