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What You Need To Know About Video Wall Solutions

Today’s Consumers Expect a Digital Screen To Be Interactive


Video Wall Solutions


Experience Your Video Wall’s Message Through Motion Sensing, Touch, or Mobile Device


Acid Integrations has been designing and installing video wall solutions from the start of our existence in 2009. With installations across North America and the Caribbean, our expertise ranges from a simple two screen display all the way up to 100+ screen solutions.

Video walls are becoming a more and more popular choice in a large variety of verticals. Partnering with Acid Integrations means you get visionary expertise in the video wall market while ensuring you are working with a talented creative team focusing on bringing your vision to life.

Our high-end video wall solutions are always the best quality available and are offered using various technology such as LED rear-projection, RGB laser rear-projection, and LCD. Our portfolio of use-cases includes a wide variety of video wall sizes and resolutions while our talented creative team will bring life to your video wall solution perfect for the application.

Direct view LED video wall technology has become very popular due to the capability of producing amazing graphics and providing scalability in any shape and dimension, while the incredible characteristics of an optimized video wall’s content will look amazing viewed at any angle.

LED video wall display hardware has never been so affordable which is allowing a greater range of brands and institutions to enter the market. Video wall adoption rates have surged while the resulting demand enables projects of all sizes to leverage this highly engaging, entertaining, and educational technology.

Acid Integrations is a leader in the video wall solutions market. We have created many high-end fine-pitch LED display wall video solutions for big brands around the world including Tommy Hilfiger, The Oklahoma City Thunder, Atlantis Resorts, and more to raise brand awareness, recognize donors, share stories, and increasing the overall interaction and engagement of viewers. Our LED display video wall solutions are suitable for a variety of uses including indoor video wall solutions to outdoor venues.

Our turnkey video wall solutions are designed by experts with more than two decades of experience and feature flexible mounting systems, slim installation depths, and the narrowest bezels. You can rely on our talented and creative team to deliver brilliantly accurate messaging while creating a memorable brand experience.

Your custom video wall solution will consist of three main components including the video wall display, controller and content management system, and software, providing you with a tailored visual canvas in which to share high-resolution, large-scale interactive experience that genuinely engages your customers or patrons.

Custom video wall solutions are used in many ways including:


  • • Shopping Malls
  • • Retail Showrooms
  • • Digital Signage
  • • Control Rooms
  • • Hospitals
  • • Sports Venues
  • • Resorts
  • • Real Estate Sales Centers
  • • Museums
  • • Schools and Universities
  • • Trade Shows
  • • Hotels
  • • Bars and Clubs
  • • Restaurants

Video Walls


By empowering your project to artistic levels you are creating an interactive experience that evokes the optimal emotional response and engaging mood within your viewers.

The creative potential for your video wall solution is virtually unlimited. By utilizing high-resolution LED display technology together with a video wall content management system, the end result is only limited by our imagination. What are the inspirational storylines, motivating audio and text, and impactful dynamic graphics for your brand or project? Picture it and allow Acid Integrations to work with you to make it a compelling digital reality.

Nowadays, consumers are comfortable with interactive technology. Multitouch interactive technology is used in the home every day so why not engage your viewers with exciting and engaging interactive content for your project? Video wall solutions are the perfect way to increase the interaction of your customers or patrons whether it’s a 120-foot video display wall or a dual LED display video wall now you can allow users to experience your message through motion sensing, touch, or from mobile devices.

Acid Integrations video wall solutions can be customized in any way to suit your project with displays available which are curved, in circular shapes, squares, rectangles, and even 3D. Digital signage is no longer only about delivering information. By empowering your project to artistic levels you are creating an interactive experience that evokes the optimal emotional response and engaging mood within your viewers.

Current video wall technology is sustainable with low heat and low power requirements enabling your brand or institution to leverage larger visual displays at a lower cost while conserving energy. Realize that with Acid Integrations turnkey video wall solutions you will easily have a great return on investment.

Video Wall Walls

Why choose a video wall?


Professional Components – Our video walls are designed with our industry partners by expert engineers using industrial grade components to deliver stunning precision, scalability, reliability, and visual performance.

Custom Solutions – We’ll work together with you to choose the optimal dimensions, mounting, system, and display type for your project. Video walls are incredibly flexible in terms of the shapes and sizes possible for sharing your story or conveying your message. Your video wall can be curved, free-standing, wall mounted, non-rectangular, and even three dimensional. They can be scaled to large dimensions or be smaller and portable allowing you to utilize a video wall in many use-cases and in a wide range of facilities and environments.

Total Integration – Acid Integrations provides turnkey video wall solutions that are delivered on time completely tested and installed at your facility by our team of proven expert technicians.

Sustainability – Our LED video wall display solutions are rigorously tested and built to last in any environment with low power consumption and low heat to conserve energy. Acid Integrations video wall solutions are always built using industrial-grade components and can be designed for use 24-hours per day.

Better Resolutions – A video wall is designed with an array of high-resolution displays enlarges the surface area of the tile the display increases greatly. Which means that you can have a much greater display area with better resolution than a projector or a single display.

Better Processing – Video and image processing by use of a software for your video wall system, allows you to leverage processing hardware that is more powerful than individual display processors. Video wall solutions display surface are more scalable than projectors and you don’t have to sacrifice quality of the image to provide clear, stunning high-resolution visual content.

Better Brightness – Video wall displays give you much better contrast ratios and more brightness than a typical front projector so they are able to be used in environments with overhead lighting or with Windows. LED video wall displays, in particular, have much less risk of being washed out by the surrounding ambient light and maintain a brightness that is consistent regardless of the size of the display.

Flexible Presentations – Custom software allows you to have special options such as building content layouts to be presented automatically or manually. Other options include graphical transitions, custom labels, and more all of which enhance your presentation. your video wall controller can utilize signals in different formats and resolutions from computers, cable boxes, cameras, plus more, to be displayed on the single video wall display together.

Dynamic Content – The video wall controller can allow your content to be displayed on a single or multiple displays, and even across the entire surface of the video wall. It is also possible to utilize several content windows on a single display.

Dynamic Features – The video wall controller allows you to use a wide range of management and manipulation content tools that are feature-rich. It is easy to crop, layer, zoom, and arrange your content. Custom software would allow you to include additional features such as presentation features like automatic presentations and custom assets.

Remote Maintenance – Acid Integrations Provides video wall solutions designed with maximum uptime and sustainability in mind. Your video wall project will require almost no maintenance over many years of continuous operation yet our talented team is there for you to provide our friendly, professional maintenance should you need it.


Video Wall Monitors


Direct View LED Video Wall Solutions


Direct view LEDs, are not new and have been used for years in outdoor signage, but used to lack the higher resolution necessary for close-up indoor displays yet this changed with the development of LEDs that are very small enabling you to utilize high resolution for your indoor video wall solution.

LED displays consist of hundreds or thousands of tiny light emitting diodes which are mounted directly on the flat panel. Every LED is basically a mini light bulb which emits colored light when a specific voltage has been applied to it. Green, blue, and red LEDs produce full-color pixels required to produce an image and the pixel pitch, or distance between and the size of LEDs, is what determines the resolution of the video wall display. LEDs which have a fine pixel pitch will always produce a higher resolution then LEDs that are bigger and have a larger pixel pitch.

Direct view LED displays offer various levels of pixel density which affect the resolution and sharpness of the detail in your images on your video wall when viewed at close range. A higher pixel density is optimal when your display needs to present content that is highly detailed or viewed close up.

The brightness of your LED display can be vulnerable to being washed out if there is ambient light so it’s best that your choice of display produces maximum brightness should your space have overhead lighting for large windows.

Other considerations of your video walls include whether it is going to be used 24-hours per day, in which case, you do well to choose a display type offering the best longevity and reliability. Direct View LED, can be relied on for many years on end and can even offer fail-safes such as a redundant power supply and other measures. It is best to avoid displays with consumer-grade parts such as projection systems as these systems require downtime and ongoing part replacement.

It’s important to consider how much space you have to work with though LED displays can be wall mounted and have narrow profiles, requiring very little spatial footprint. Blended projection or projection cube systems and other technologies usually require more floor space. Our high-end video wall solutions vary in price yet are utilized for their incredibly efficient performance and minimal maintenance requirements.

Video walls can are versatile serving a wide range of purposes supporting artistic expression, community engagement, education, research, entertainment, and more. Video walls help customers and patrons through an interactive experience of learning and collaboration. Content displayed on your custom video wall will impress your viewer with their rich color saturation and sheer size.

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